We are not simply a company that sells insurance. We are an insurance agency focused on doing good.
— Tom Wertish, Founder

Our Mission

We believe our highest mission is to Do Good.

Novallus is creating real distinction by recognizing that, while the commodity we broker is insurance policies, our real business is in “doing good” for our clients, community and team through education, empowerment and protection. 

Our Values

  • Education - Insurance is a need, not a luxury item. How much is needed depends on the individual. We will take the time to explain insurance products in everyday language.

  • Personalized Process - Insurance is a commodity, clients are not. Each individual is unique; so are the risks they face.

  • Security - We empower you to live a life free from the fear of unmitigated risk. We will meet with you every 12 months to answer the main insurance questions. This will ensure you have the right coverage and discounts for another worry free year

  • Stewardship - We believe that by doing the right thing for our clients by providing them the right products and the right coverage we will profit and thrive in our industry.

  • Gratitude - We are here because someone before us laid the foundation. We will donate a portion of our profits to causes that our team members support. 



All photography provided by Jared Chambers