I’m going to save 600 gallons of water this year for less than $1. Here’s how I’ll do it.

We can’t count on unlimited clean water forever. Here’s an easy way to save water at home without noticing or making a huge lifestyle change. (Hint. I still plan on showering regularly.)

The test subject, our main floor half bath. This bathroom gets the most use (TMI, I know). I don’t have the desire to install a new low-flow toilet. I found a solution that I believe will work just as well. Used plastic bottles. Here’s what I did:

1.       Remove all labels from the outside of the bottle.

2.       Fill the bottom of the bottle with pennies. You could use sand or gravel, I used pennies because it’s February in Minnesota. The goal is something heavy on the bottom so the bottles don’t float around in the tank.

3.       Fill the bottle top the top with water. I put the bottle on the counter and added more water until it was full.

4.       Carefully place the bottles in the toilet tank. Avoid any working parts of the toilet mechanism or being in range of the float.

5.       Enjoy the savings of 40 ounces of water per flush. If the toilet is flushed an average of 5 times per day, enjoy your 600 gallons of water saved this year!