Summer Vacation Home Safety Tips

Summer is a great time to get out of Minneapolis to visit family you rarely get to see, take a road trip or flee to the beach. Regardless of how you spend your time away, you need to ensure your house stays safe while you’re gone. 


A house left empty can be an opportunity for burglars, so before you pack your bags, prepare to protect the stuff that’s staying at home in Minnesota.


At Novallus Insurance Brokers we want to make it a little easier for you to get out of town with peace of mind and return to everything you left behind, so here are some pointers for prepping your Minnesota home before you travel.

Lock it up. Check and double-check that you have locked all the doors and windows.

Check under the mat. If you store an extra key outside your house, remove it.  Instead, give the key to a trusted friend or neighbor in case someone needs to enter in an emergency.

Communicate. Inform a friend or neighbor that you will be away. Ask them to keep an eye on the house, and give them a way to reach you to report any suspicious activity. Wait to post those trip pictures until you return. Social media doesn’t need to know you are away.

Forego deliveries. Make sure to stop delivery of packages, mail, newspapers, and anything else that could pile up on your porch. Ask your trusted friend or neighbor to pick these items up every other day.

Shut the curtains. Expensive electronics and furnishings shouldn’t be visible in plain sight.

Get an alarm system. Let your insurance agent know and get a discount on your homeowners insurance!

Put a couple lamps on a timer. One less reason for a burglar to stop.



If you are the victim of a theft this holiday season, your homeowners and umbrella policies may offer protection. To know for sure, review your insurance policies with us at Novallus Insurance Brokers. 

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