Earth Day Events in the Twin Cities

People are thinking more and more about the environment — whether it’s something that affects the quality of life here in the Twin Cities or global issues such as climate change and extreme weather.

But more importantly, people aren't content with simply thinking about these things any more. They’re focused on taking action.

Earth Day, which is celebrated April 22, is the perfect time to take action, whether you are looking to take part in a community event or organize your own. Here are some tips to help you get involved — and think about our planet Earth all through the year.

Find an event

It’s easy to find Earth Day events, whether you live in Eden Prairie, White Bear Lake or anywhere in the Twin Cities. City and town Facebook pages are a great place to start, along with the websites of local environmental organizations. Newspapers, radio and TV often publicize events as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency website lists major Earth Day activities. 

Here are a few we dug up for you: 

So, what are we missing? List in the comments below!