A brief history of Father's day (Hi Dad!)

With summer drawing near and the weather warming up, Twin City neighborhoods come 

alive with the sights and sounds of the season: lawnmowers, power tools and backyard 

barbecues, to name a few.

For many people, those things all bring to mind one specific person: Dad. And since Father’s Day is just around the corner so, thought we’d give you some gift ideas - and some fun history trivia, too!

The history of Father’s Day

Marked on the third Sunday of June in the United States (and in many other countries), 

Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910 to complement Mother’s Day. According to 

Wikipedia, the day was created by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Wash., who wanted 

to honor her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart.

Although Dodd originally suggested her father’s birthday in early June, she had not 

provided organizers with enough time to arrange the event - and the celebration was 

delayed until the third Sunday of the month.

Although Mother’s Day has been an official national holiday since 1914, Father’s Day 

had a tougher road. Congress refused to make the celebration official in the years 

immediately following Dodd’s first observance, fearing that the day would become 

commercialized. (Some would say those fears were well-founded; the creator of 

Mother’s Day later came to regret the commercialization of that holiday.)

It wasn’t until 1966 that Father’s Day received an official proclamation, thanks to 

President Lyndon B. Johnson. And six years later, President Richard Nixon signed a law 

making the day a national holiday.

Facts and figures (from government website USA.gov)

  • There are an estimated 70.1 million fathers across the nation
  • An estimated 1.7 million men are single fathers
  • Approximately 176,000 fathers are stay-at-home dads

So, what should you get Dad?

Once you’re past the age of, say, 10, the “Old Spice and a tie” routine probably won’t cut it anymore when it comes to getting a gift for your father. Here are some better ideas from AskMen.com:

  • Grilling tools (this way, perhaps he’ll even cook for you on Father’s Day!)
  • Alcohol (to be enjoyed in moderation, of course)
  • Fishing gear
  • Golf clubs, balls or other sporting goods - or take him out for a round of golf
  • Books (particularly grilling cookbooks)

Aside from ties and cheap cologne, you’ll probably want to avoid the most clichéd gifts, especially “World’s Best Dad” items (even if it’s true!) and socks.

As with all gifts, though, it’s the thought that counts. And we’re sure your dad will appreciate simply being appreciated. And if you’re a dad yourself – Happy Father’s Day! 

We hope you’ll enjoy your day. Now, go mow the yard.